Imports of Fresh Avocado To Saudi Arabia (Avocado in Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia is the largest country on the Arabian peninsula. The oil-rich country also hosts hundreds of thousands or even millions of tourists every year, with cities such as Mecca and Medina, which are important for Muslims. In Saudi Arabia, a country where so much income flows, tropical fruits such as avocados are consumed very frequently in addition to local tastes. Avocados, which are predominantly consumed by the young population, are also the preferred recipes of tourists coming to the country. Despite such good developments, avocado production is not possible in Saudi Arabia due to its climate, geographical structure and production costs. For this reason, avocados demanded by the domestic market are imported from abroad.

Saudi Arabia Avocado Imports

Consumption in Saudi Arabia is increasing every year. Although there are fluctuations from time to time, the fact that it has a serious market position among Arab countries is an important situation for avocado producers. When we look at the world trade data, 11276 tons of avocado imports were realized for 2021. When we look at the last ten years of data, a record import of 20543 tons was realized in 2017.

Avocado imports to meet the needs of the domestic market can be obtained from many countries. Among these countries, Kenya has the highest market share. After Kenya, there are countries such as Spain, South Africa, America, Mexico, Chile, Lebanon, Syria and the Netherlands. When we look at the reasons why Kenya has a say in the Saudi Arabian market, we can see that due to its climate, geographical structure and favorable production costs, they sell the best quality avocados at the most affordable price, which will enable it to replace Mexico as the main supplier country for avocados all over the world.

Fresh Avocado from Kenya
Fresh Avocado from Kenya

The last point to know about importing avocados to Saudi Arabia is the trade route through which avocados will be brought. In this regard, sea trade is predominantly carried out. Avocados are brought by large container ships through the Islamic port of Jeddah, where they are safely kept fresh in cold storage until the deadline. As another alternative, avocados are imported via air transportation via King Hadid or King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Finally, if you are thinking of importing avocados to Saudi Arabia but wondering how to find a reliable supplier, we introduce you to Latmek Exporters, one of the leading avocado producers in Kenya.

Reliable Company Latmek Exporters for Avocado Import from Kenya to Saudi Arabia

Latmek Exporters is able to reliably deliver fresh avocados of many different types such as Hass, Fuerte, Pinkerton, Jumbo, Hass, Fuerte, Pinkerton, Pinkerton, Jumbo, etc., grown organically and traditionally on our farms in the high altitude regions of Kenya.

For more than 7 years we have been organically growing the highest quality avocados on our farms and we have the ability to provide you with always fresh avocados for a long period of time, from February to October. Since we have low input costs during production and the climatic conditions are very favorable for avocado production, we are able to produce avocados in a much more advantageous way than other producing countries.

Latmek Exporters - Fresh Avocado Imports
Latmek Exporters – Fresh Avocado Imports

As Latmek Exporters, we have certified our global avocado supply with HCDA Certification, GLOBAL GAP and KEPHIS certificates.

You can safely import the best quality fresh organic avocados for your customers from Kenya with Latmek Exporters. For detailed information about avocado imports and avocado prices for 2023, you can contact us at the numbers on our contact page.

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