Imports of Fresh Avocado To Belgium (Avocado in Belgium)

Belgium, located in Western Europe, stands out as an important consumer of avocados among European states with a population of more than 11 million. When we look at the reasons for this, we see that the majority of Belgians live in urban areas and this has led to a healthy eating lifestyle. In addition, they have added a different style to traditional grooming tastes by using avocado with many traditional flavors. As a result of all this, avocado consumption is increasing in Belgium, but Belgium’s climate, geographical structure and production costs do not make avocado production possible.

Therefore, Belgium imports the avocados required for the domestic market.

Belgium Avocado Imports

Avocado production in Belgium is almost non-existent. Avocados produced by individual efforts cannot compete with the prices of other producing countries in terms of both quality and price, and therefore avocados are imported. When we look at world trade data, the amount of avocados imported by Belgium for 2021 is slightly more than 26 thousand tons. When we look at the last 10-year period, the import figure, which was around 12 thousand tons in 2012, has more than doubled in a 10-year period.

Fresh Avocado from Kenya
Fresh Avocado from Kenya

Looking at the clues given by the graph, it should be taken into account that there will be much more avocado consumption in the future and we should accept that Belgium is a growing avocado market in Europe. Belgium tries to close this gap by supplying the avocados it needs from various countries, among which the Netherlands has the largest market share. The Netherlands is followed by countries such as Spain, Chile, Peru, Germany and France. Kenya, which is the largest avocado importer in Africa with the breakthrough it has made in recent years, constitutes a new alternative for the Belgian market. Considering Kenya’s climate, geographical conditions and unit costs, it is a rising country in avocado imports as a country that offers both more affordable prices and the highest quality than many producing countries.

The last point we should mention about avocado imports to Belgium is the trade route through which avocados will be brought. The first choice in this regard is air transportation and fresh avocados brought to Brussels airport are safely kept in the cold storages located here until the date of shipment. Another preference is sea transportation. Antwerp-Bruges port, with its environment suitable for large container ships, ensures the safe transportation of avocados.

Finally, if you want to import avocados to Belgium but do not know where and how to start, we would like to introduce Latmek Exporters, one of the leading avocado producers in Kenya, who can help you in this regard.

Reliable Company Latmek Exporters for Avocado Import from Kenya to Belgium

Latmek Exporters is able to reliably deliver fresh avocados of many different types such as Hass, Fuerte, Pinkerton, Jumbo, Hass, Fuerte, Pinkerton, Pinkerton, Jumbo, etc., grown organically and traditionally on our farms in the high altitude regions of Kenya.

For more than 7 years we have been organically growing the highest quality avocados on our farms and we have the ability to provide you with always fresh avocados for a long period of time, from February to October. Since we have low input costs during production and the climatic conditions are very favorable for avocado production, we are able to produce avocados in a much more advantageous way than other producing countries.

Latmek Exporters - Fresh Avocado Imports
Latmek Exporters – Fresh Avocado Imports

As Latmek Exporters, we have certified our global avocado supply with HCDA Certification, GLOBAL GAP and KEPHIS certificates.

You can safely import the best quality fresh organic avocados for your customers from Kenya with Latmek Exporters. For detailed information about avocado imports and avocado prices for 2023, you can contact us at the numbers on our contact page.

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