How to Choose The Right Avocado Exporter?

Habits play a big part in human behavior. Instead of seeing different places, you go to that quaint town where you went on your first honeymoon, or you go to your favorite restaurant to taste that familiar and favorite flavor. The reason you do these things is because of the quality that influences you enough to make this kind of behavior a habit. So what does this have to do with avocados?

Avocados are a tropical fruit, and many countries around the world export them from other countries to the domestic market. If you serve an avocado to your customers and then hope they will buy it again, then we must be talking about quality. So what is the quality of an avocado, how to understand it, how to reach the right product, which avocado exporter to work with, you will find all of these in this article…

If we want to talk about the quality of an avocado, we must first define it, a good avocado should have a creamy taste, a smooth texture and a vibrant green color. These characteristics will ensure that it will always be a popular and desirable fruit to buy. Most people don’t know these characteristics and after experiencing an avocado for the first time, they get the wrong idea and never feel the need to buy it again. The only person responsible for this situation is the business that serves the wrong product to its customers. So, is there no way back from this situation?

We answer, of course there is… Turning this kind of experience back into a positive one is achieved with the right product and the right manufacturer. We talked about habits in the introduction to this article, and the math works here too, and avocados that maintain their quality with each new batch are always in demand.

Now let’s continue to put the pieces together and first of all, we have described the right product, the quality of the avocado, and now it’s time for the right producer. The right quality avocado exporter.

There are certain rules for understanding the right avocado exporter. Let’s go through these unwritten rules in turn…

First and foremost, it is important to preserve the quality of our avocados. The secret to the best tasting avocado with the best flavor and the perfect consistency is the fat content of the fruit. The amazing flavor, taste, texture, color and quality depend on sufficient oil content. That’s why there is a test to make sure that every avocado to be exported meets this quality, called the dry matter test.

Every harvest season, the dry matter test is carried out to make sure that the avocados are of the best quality and taste. In short, an avocado exporter should always carry out a dry matter test to ensure quality.

After securing the quality of our avocados, another important step is the cooling and control process. As a requirement of high quality in avocado exports, cooling acts both as a determinant of the quality of the avocado and as a controller of many features such as shelf life. Since the high temperatures that avocados will be exposed to after harvest will accelerate their ripening, the ideal export temperature should be between 4-6 degrees. Although these temperature values vary depending on the variety of avocado, the most effective step in preserving the quality of avocados is for an avocado exporter to have an effective cooling and control system in the cold chain, storage and transportation processes from the harvest season to the end consumer. To summarize again, in order to sustain an avocado that we can’t get enough of, the quality of the avocado must first be ensured, and then it must be passed through a controlled refrigeration supply chain until the last stop.

The global avocado market is growing at a significant rate every year and the number of producers is growing at the same rate, meaning that at the end of the day, producers who meet high retail standards will export their products. There are mandatory requirements for exporting avocados, especially to European countries. The first of these is pesticide residues and contaminants. The European Union has set maximum residue levels for pesticides and heavy metals on food products, and it should not be ignored that some European countries demand products even lower than these levels.

Another important issue, like pesticides, is phytosanitary certification. Before the products enter the European Union countries, they must be inspected and certified for phytosanitary purposes.

Another issue is that it complies with quality standards, among the criteria determined in this regard, the product should be intact, clean and intact, undamaged, the stem should not be longer than 10 mm, and avocados with first-class quality should meet these standards.

In addition to these issues, avocado exports are carried out in the light of compliance with certain standards in packaging and size and many more specialized rules.

In avocado exports, which we have briefly summarized in this article and there are many more, as Latmek Ltd, we are extremely happy to deliver our highest quality avocados to you in the cold chain system under the most favorable conditions. We have formalized our production – supply chain with our HCDA Certification, GLOBAL GAP and KEPHIS certificates.

At Latmek Exporters Ltd, we are committed to supplying you with the most delicious, highest quality avocados that meet all food standards at the most affordable prices. You can contact us and learn much more about our product supply system…

Hope to see you in our next article…

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